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There are very few who have not played or do not like the immensely engaging card game, rummy. Although the origin of the rummy game is a matter of debate – theories about it being a derivative of the game ‘Conquian’ of Mexico or Spain abound – it has been universally acknowledged that it evolved in a social backdrop. In fact, Indian rummy or the 13 Cards Rummy has been a popular recreational activity during gatherings, both small and large, of friends and family members.
There are so many fascinating variants of rummy and it can, at times, be overwhelming to recall the intricacies of each one. Here, we try to shed light on the various forms of the rummy game. Sit back and breeze through this post regardless your skill level for a quick refresher on the rummy game.

Pick Your Favourites

The rummy game can be a fun-filled activity that not only brings you closer to your near and dear ones, but also grants you acute powers of observation and strategizing. The following are the most popular types of rummy played across the world:

In Indian Rummy or 13 Cards Rummy, one must combine the cards dealt to them into sets and sequences. Whoever melds the cards into a minimum of two sequences, including one pure one, is declared the winner. Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy are three sub-types of this popular rummy game.


Pool Rummy, in turn, has two variants, the 101 Points and 201 Points card games. While in the former, a player is excluded once their tally is 101 points or more, in the latter, it happens when their score is more than or equal to 201 points.


Deals Rummy is based on the deals count which is pre-determined. It, in turn, has two versions, namely the Best of 2 Deals and Best of 6 Deals rummy games.


Points Rummy is a form of cash rummy where the victor gets the sum total of points that were assigned to the other players, with each point having an equivalent money value associated with it.


In Gin Rummy, a player can decide to either go gin or knock to win a game. For going gin, they must have sorted all their cards into sets or sequences. To knock in a Gin Rummy game, the total value of their non-combined cards must be lesser than or equal to ten points.


Dummy Rummy requires players to discard those cards that they put into sets or sequences. The one who first does away with all the 13 cards dealt to them wins the rummy game.


In Shanghai Rummy, players can each both discard to or choose from the cards in the discard stock.

Contract Rummy involves the dealing of cards for a total of seven times, with it becoming more challenging for a player to win with every dealing.

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