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How to Play All Pool Rummy Variants

Pool rummy comes in a variety of sub-variants known as 101 Pool Rummy, 201 Pool Rummy, or even 61 Pool Rummy! Giving you more choice and opportunities to win as you play.

Instead of scoring more points, the goal is to score the lowest number of points, or score points slower than your opponents!

This variant of India Rummy comes with a fixed entry fee which goes towards the final prize pool. The aim of the game is to stay within the points limit and eliminate all other players by making them cross the points limit. So, if playing a 101 Pool rummy game, once your score exceeds 101, the player is eliminated.

Ultimately, you have to play and be the first to make sequences and sets before anyone else!

How Does Pool Rummy Work?

Pool rummy can be played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players
Each player will receive exactly 13 cards
At the start of the game, a specific card is chosen as a Joker. It could be a printed Joker, in which Aces of all suits can also be used as a Joker to make impure sequence
Players take turns to pick a single card from either the closed deck or open deck. But, when picking up a card, the player must also discard a card. NOTE- All cards discarded by all players will be visible
Each player must carefully pick and discard a card with the intention of making a set or sequence
Set- Cards of the same number with different suits (9 of spades, 9 of hearts, 9 of diamonds)
Sequence- An collection of cards with consecutive numbers (5, 6, 7 / 8, 9, 10)

Players must aim to get the lowest scores. This is possible by creating sequences and sets as quickly as possible

Difference Between 201, 101, and 61 Pool Rummy

201 Pool rummy- All cards from Ace to King are used for all four suites and the printed Joker.

The goal is to make sure other players score more than 201 while you remain below 201

101 Pool rummy- All cards from Ace to King are used for all four suites and the printed Joker.

The goal is to make sure other players score more than 201 while you remain below 201

61 Pool rummy- Players will automatically be eliminated once reaching 61 points

Calculating Winnings in Pool Rummy

The pool amount of any pool rummy game can be calculated using the following formula:

Prize Amount= Entry Fee Amount X Number of Players - RummyXL Fees

So, if there are 6 players and the entry fee is ₹50, using the formula, ₹50×6 = ₹300. The total prize amount is ₹300 before deduction.

How to Win Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is a game you can only win with slow scoring. You must keep your score lower than all the other players. You can get the lowest score of zero by being the first one to declare by making valid sequences and sets.

Penalties in Pool Rummy

Yes, there are also penalties in pool rummy like other rummy games!
However drop points depend on which sub-variant of pool rummy you are playing:

Points table for 101, 201 and 61 Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy VariantFirst DropSecond Drop Rules for Pool Rummy!
201 255080
101 204080
51 153061
Other penalty points are handed to a player if they make a wrong show, or invalid declaration. Penalty points for this are 80 penalty points in 201, and 101 pool rummy. Penalty points for wrong show in 61 pool rummy are 60.

Calculating Points in Pool Rummyz

Once a player has made a valid declaration, the rest of the players have to count their cards to find their score.

Ace, King, Queen, and Jack = 10 points

Joker/Wild Card = 0 points

Number cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) = same point value as number

Pool Rummy Pointers

Players receive 13 cards at the beginning of the game
Table size = 2 to 6 players
2 decks of cards are required to play points rummy
Minimum number of sequences = 2
Maximum number of sequences = 4
Minimum number of sets = 0
Maximum number of sets = 2
Number of Printed Jokers in a deck should be 1
Players can drop at certain points in the game
There can only be one winner
Since you now know how to win and the rules of pool rummy, you are ready to start playing this exciting Indian rummy variant. Play, win, and easily withdraw your winnings the same day! Keep playing pool rummy to become a rummy expert!

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