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Enjoy a fast game of Rummy? If you do, Points rummy is made for you! Get an adrenaline rush from having to play or pick a card fast. Not everything about a fast game is bad since a points rummy game gives you the chance to earn some cash really fast! Each point holds a certain Rupee value, decided at the start of the game.
The winner will get 0 points while other players count their cards score (based on cards that aren’t insequence/set), the score of cards is that players score for the round. Can you declare before the other players on the table?
Since the Rupee value of each point is predetermined from the start of the match, players are aware of what they are playing for from the start of the match.

How Does Points Rummy Work?

Points rummy can be played with one or two decks of cards and a total player number between 2 and 6.
Each player receives 13 cards in no specific order
From the remaining cards, the first card is turned face up to start the open deck while the rest of the pack is kept face down to form the closed deck
The system chooses a Joker card is randomly selected, in case of a printed Joker being selected, players can also choose to use Ace cards as a Joker card
A player is selected randomly to start the game
The open pack is decided, with one being placed faced up.
Players must place all 13 cards in sequences or sets. This is done by picking up cards or discarding them from either the open deck or closed deck
Cards can be moved over to the finish slot to group in sequences or sets. All cards must be placed in a sequence or set to before declaration. The game ultimately ends when a player presses the ‘declare’ button.
Two sequences should be present, of, which one pure sequence has to be made

Does Dropping Games Come With Penalties?

Unfortunately, yes, dropping a game will come with penalty points and this can automatically put you behind other players. They are as stated below:
Dropping at the start of the game (First Drop) leads to 20 penalty points
Dropping in the middle of the game (Middle Drop) before anyone declares (makes a show) leads to 40 penalty points
Not having your card melded before a player declares (makes a show) earns a Full Count where the player gets a maximum 80 penalty points
The penalty of leaves a game before it is over is:

Penalty = Full Count X Entry Fee

How to Calculate My Points?

After one player makes a valid declaration, the other players have to calculate their scores based on their cards that are not in any sequence.

K, Q, J, A = 10 points

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 = Same as card value

Jokers = 0 points

So if a player has the following cards: K, 3, Joker, 7, the score would be 20 points.

How Do I Win?

To win, you simply need to make a ‘winning declaration’!
Another word for this is a valid declaration. A valid declaration is one that consists of two sequences: a pure sequence (which must be present) and an impure sequence
A pure sequence is a sequence that does not include a Joker
An impure sequence is a sequence that contains a Joker
Go ahead and play this fast rummy game if you are fast enough to keep up!

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