Is Real-Money Rummy Legal?

Is Playing Rummy Games on RummyXL Legal?

Yes, real-money rummy games are legal in India. It has been approved by the Supreme Court of India and it is not a punishable offence. In a court ruling in 1957, the highest court of India stated that wagering or betting on a game that is in your control as it requires skill is not considered as the illegal act of ‘Gambling’. Anyone can play an online Rummy cash game on RummyXL without fear of getting in trouble with the law! Rummy games are not dependent on the ‘Chance’ element and this is why Rummy is a skill-based game. Users have to play the game strategically to win, and this applies a great extent of skill. Players with a lot of experience will find rummy easier to play and win.

Is Rummy Considered as ‘Gambling’?

Rummy games are NOT considered as Gambling!
Gambling is “wagering upon a desirable outcome without having control over the outcome.” However, the Supreme Court of India has declared Rummy a ‘game of skill’ not a ‘game of chance’, creating a clear distinction between Rummy and gambling, an activity illegal in India. Also, games of skill are protected by Article 19 [1] (g) in the Indian Constitution.
Despite this ruling, real-money game rules are controlled from state to state, and it is still not allowed in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana. Due to this restriction, players from these states are not able to play our Rummy cash games. But, they are able to play our free practice games and grow their rummy skills.
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