Deposits and Withdrawals

1.Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawals shall only be permitted in cases of winnings arising out of playing and subsequently such withdrawals shall be transferred onto the user’s bank account. As a requirement one ‘Add cash’ transaction is compulsory to withdraw any amount. Also to proceed with a withdrawal a minimum value of Rs. 100 is required to be maintained by each user. When a user submits a withdrawal request Rummy XL shall process it on the same day and such requests shall be taken up by Rummy XL only till 3pm on any such given day. However, for the amount to reflect on a user’s bank account it may additionally take 2-3 days’ time.
For any withdrawal to be successfully processed, users will be required to produce their KYC documents and users shall also provide Bank Account details that are associated with their name and the same should be reflected on their Pan Cards.
Only 1 withdrawal transaction per day shall be permitted per user and under no circumstances can a user place requests to allow more than one withdrawal on any given day. Account monitoring shall be practiced in cases of suspicious gaming, detection of multiple accounts etc., For this reason it is pertinent to mention that withdrawals are subject to clearance and the Management reserves the right to accept or decline your Withdrawal request.
The deposits made by any user in the Deposit Segment is purely for the purpose of enabling a user’s participation in the Cash Games and does not carry or generate any interest or return.
You hereby represent and warrant that the payment instrument/mode used for adding cash to Your RummyXLAccount , belongs to You. The processing of payments will be solely in terms of the applicable policies and procedures of the relevant third parties, without any responsibility or risk at Our end.

Once a payment/transaction is authorised and confirmed, and the funds are received by Us, the amount is credited to the Deposit Segment on our Website and/or Application and is available for You to play Cash Games. You understand and agree that we are not liable in the event of Your credit being delayed or eventually declined, and You are required to follow up with the providers of the payment instrument You used to initiate the transaction.

A Withdrawal Request will be accepted by Us subject to adequate KYC verifications, alignment with the deposit method, Discount terms/restrictions, and/or security reviews by Our automated systems and risk management team. You agree that all Withdrawals You make are governed by the following conditions:
You can Withdraw all or any part of Your Withdrawable Balance, subject to the levy of applicable processing fee (depending on the Withdrawal method), and applicable taxes.
You may Withdraw a minimum of INR 100.00 (Indian Rupees One Hundred only) and a maximum of INR 1,00,000.00 (Indian Rupees One Lakh only) per transaction. When Withdrawing funds, payment will be made to You either by electronic wire transfer, or any other manner in accordance with Your stated preferences and Applicable Law. We also reserve the right to disburse the amount to the financial instrument/mode used to add cash to Your Deposit Segment. The foregoing limits on withdrawal may be changed or modified by Us from time to time.
Withdrawal Requests shall, subject to Withdrawal restrictions specified in these Terms and the Platform, be processed post Your KYC verification. We may ask You for Your KYC documents at any stage to verify Your address and identity.
Discount, bonus and promotional winnings are not directly withdrawable and are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to their grant.
RummyXL will attempt to process your withdrawal request in a timely manner, but there may be delays due to the time required for the KYC verification, security checks, and other processes involved in completing the Withdrawal transaction. We shall not be liable to pay any form of compensation to You for the reason of such delays in processing Withdrawal Requests and remitting payments
Users should note that the validation of KYC documents may take upto three (3) working days from the date of submission of the documents. We reserve the right to validate and/or reject the KYC documents at our sole discretion. You will be notified of the status of KYC verification on Our Platform.
In cases where the phone number and email address provided by You is incorrect, RummyXL shall bear no responsibility for Your access and use of the Services being interrupted.
Users shall be wary of any positive Withdrawable Balance and/or funds in the Deposit Segment (excluding bonus) at the time of request for Account Discontinuation. RummyXL shall disburse the same to the users by electronic transfer in accordance with these Terms, subject to any applicable charges, including an account closure fee of INR 1,000.00 (Indian Rupees One Thousand Only) or ten (10) percent of the total funds to be transferred, whichever is higher.

2.Fair Play Policy

In order to prevent any form of malpractices or unfair play in our games and on our Website/Mobile App, all user actions including deposits, identity verification, rummy games, and individual hands are monitored to ensure a safe, legal and fair environment for all our users.As part of our Fair Play Policy and to prevent any form of malpractices and in-game collusion, all user actions are monitored and recorded.
Any detection of a breach of our Fair Play Policy, such as, but not limited to, unauthorized deposits under a stolen identity or collusion in play shall result in prompt and serious action by Rummy XLagainst the offending user, including, but not limited to, permanent termination of the user’s account, as detailed in the “Breach and Consequences” section below.
Further, if we find that a user is breaching/attempting to breach Our security or privacy protocols, we may, following an internal investigation, decide to undertake a range of remedial actions, depending upon the severity of the detected breach, which may include the following:
stop access and usage of Our Services, indefinitely, by such user;
permanently terminate such user’s RummyXLAccount;
restrict Withdrawals for such user;
demand compensation for the damages to Our Services that occurred because of the breach and prosecute a user for any violation of the law and the Platform Policies if necessary; and
prohibit the user from registering with us in the future.
In the event, We, upon investigation are of the view that any user’s RummyXL Account is or has been engaged in Fair Play Violations, then to the extent of the amount which is involved in such Fair Play Violations, We may:
forfeit the fund in RummyXL Account;
repatriate the amount to the User or individuals who have been affected by the Fair Play Violation;
levy a Fair Play violation fee of an amount up to an amount of INR 10,000 per instance of such Fair Play Violation. You agree that such fee is not in the form of a penalty but is a reasonable and justifiable cost, manpower, technology, loss of reputation that We as a Platform may suffer due to Your violation of the Fair Play Policy. The fair play violation fee may be debited from the funds in Your RummyXL Account or in the event the balance in Your RummyXLAccount is not sufficient to cover the fee, we may raise a claim for such fee against You in accordance with applicable laws.
Your winnings may be disclosed to the relevant authorities, and requisite amounts may be withheld from payouts, in order to ensure compliance with applicable law and lawful requests from the government, regulatory bodies, or an order of any court of competent jurisdiction. It is solely Your responsibility to ensure due remittance of all the applicable taxes.
If You do not log in to Your RummyXLAccount at least once in a twelve (12) month period, Your RummyXL Account shall be considered inactive and a maintenance fee of INR 250(Indian Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty Only) per year may be chargeable against any funds remaining therein (“Inactive Account Fee”).
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate Your RummyXLAccount if We find that You are violating any of our Platform Policies, or breaching/attempting to breach the security of Our Services in any manner, Your RummyXL Account may be terminated immediately and any prize, Bonus, promotional winnings, or funds therein may be forfeited.

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