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Deals Rummy Game

You can’t be a true Rummy fan without knowing how to play Deals Rummy. In place of money, players will begin the game with chips. Each game will bear a minimal entry fee. Several rounds will commence, and the winner of each round will receive the chips of the losing player. The winner is the one with the most number of chips after all rounds are completed.

How Does Deals Rummy Work?

Deals rummy is played with a single deck of cards on a two player table, that is 52 cards
Up to 2 to 6 players can play a game of deals rummy.
Players are given a fixed number of chips at the start of the game, all players will get the same number of chips.

Each player will receive 13 cards from the dealer in no specific order.

The first card of the pack is placed upwards to make the open deck, while cards are faced down to form the closed deck.

Jokers are used in a sequence to fill any card that may be absent.

How to Win a Deals Rummy Game?

To win in deals rummy, you have to put all your cards in a pure/impure sequence, of which one sequence must be pure. A minimum of one pure sequence is mandatory to win the round.

Are You Allowed to Drop in Deals Rummy?

It is possible to drop in deals rummy. However, if there are only two players in a game, you cannot drop. Otherwise, you can drop if there are more than 2 players.

Dropping a turn attracts a 20 point penalty, dropping 2 turns attracts a 40 point penalty, while three drops will lead to the player being automatically dropped from the game. Players must drop on their turn before drawing or discarding a card.

Calculating Scores in Deals Rummy

The aim of the deals rummy game is to make a valid declaration, that is, putting all cards in correct combinations. When a correct declaration is made, the remaining players have to add up the score of the cards in their hands.
Here is how to calculate your scores:
K, Q, J, A = 10 points
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 = value equal to number
Jokers = 0 points (no points)
Once a player wins by making a valid declaration, each player must count the score of all the cards in their hands.
If losing players have sequences (a pure and an impure sequence), then just the remaining unsequenced cards need to be calculated.
But, if losing players do not have 2 sequences, then all the cards need to be calculated.

How is the Winner Declared?

There can only be one winner in a complete game of deals rummy. This is the player with the most number of chips. Each chip is equal to 1 point.
Winnings per round are usually the total number of points lost by losing players.
So, if in a game of four players and player 1 declares their cards, and the losing points for players 2-4 are: 10, 20, and 50, player 1 receives chips worth 10+20+50 = 80.
Players will have positive points and negative points. After settling the difference, the winner is the one that has the highest positive score. Remember that these points are present in the form of chips. So, the person with the highest positive score is the player with the most number of chips, and this is the winner as well!
This is considering all the scores from all of the rounds of the game.

Go ahead and get more chips to win, remember more chips equal to more points, one chip is equal to one point!

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